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Voltron 6A Voltage Regulator (5.4V)
Voltron 6A Voltage Regulator (5.4V)

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This regulator using linear design, resulting in no interference to the receiver.
It is designed for 2 cell Li-Po and 6 cell NiCD/NiMH RX packs being used with high current or high voltage airplane and Heli system.
Some of the new Spektrum receivers draw significantly more current than a normal receiver, and are particularly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. An external Voltage Regulator can help ensure your new receiver gets reliably powered.
It also provides extra safety margin. When input is higher than 5.4V, it will regulate output to 5.4V, When input is less than 5.4V, regulator is bypassed.
Mount the regulator using foam double sided tape on to your RC Model. Find a location which it is safe from possible collision and vibrations. During normal use the regulator does get hot, or warm depending on the electrical load. This is normal. However, place the regulator where there is well-ventilated area will enhance its performance.
For electric power model that are running an electric speed control. It is advisable to pull out the red wire from the ESC connector that goes into the receiver.
Plug and Play design with universal connectors to fit Spektrum, JR, Futaba, Airtronics Z and Hitec.
Low drop out voltage- this transistor to extra run time from your battery without effecting the receiver and servo performance.
Li-Po low voltage detection- Red LED lights up when the Li-Po battery is at 6.2v or lower. Time to change or charge your battery pack.
A green LED will light up when it is show the unit is functioning.
Clear heat shrink protection. This protects the regulator, it also allows the LED to be viewed clearly.
Single sided SMT, this allows the reverse side of the regulator to be flat to allow double sided tape to be used for mounting.

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