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Voltron GPS Black Box V3 Logger
Voltron GPS Black Box V3 Logger

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You want to know how fast your jet is, don't you? This device answers the basics - how fast did I go, and how high did I fly? Operation is simple with single button control.

This is the Version 3 of our popular GPS logger. This module has all the same features of the last version, however the V3 will record up to five GPS tracks that can be viewed in Google Earth! You can see your speed, altitude and position for every point along your track.

This unit also has a cable that can attach to future accessories - stay tuned for new add-ons for this product!


Please check the "Support" tab for the V2 manual. A V3 manual is being written now, however until that is available the basic functions are the same and can be referenced from the older manual.

Let's face it guys - GPS can generate errors. And if you can't weed out the errors, you can't trust the results. We've been listening to the response to the V1 and V2 Voltron GPS Loggers which have had a mixed response - and perhaps justly so. These loggers work well - until the inevitable glitch occurs. When the logger corrects its position, it records a speed error on the high side.

If you've used a GPS device, you've seen these "jumps" as the errors occur. If you see bad data when these jumps occur, you discard that data. The problem with the V1 and V2 GPS loggers is that it was impossible to discard bad data. Any error went directly to the Max Speed, making it difficult to use as a "serious" tool for measuring speed.

The other issue with recording a maximum speed over an entire flight is wind. Once again, over any flight the max speed will include a measurement of tailwind, and an error on the high side. If you know the wind you can subtract that from your max speed, but even then it's impossible to know the wind from moment to moment, at altitude.

The latest version we're calling the Voltron GPS Black Box and we developed this model to address the limits of the previous versions. What we've done is given you the ability to record your flights as a series of points in a .KML file which you can view in Google Earth. By going through your flight and observing the flight path you can discard the errors (because you can see if the track "jumps") and compensate for wind by comparing upwind and downwind passes.

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