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WM400MK2 Ducted Fan
WM400MK2 Ducted Fan

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The WM 400MK2 Fan Housing is designed to be extremely rigid and is manufactured using carbon and special formulated ABS plastic compound.

To add to the fundamental strength of the housing, solid rips are designed on the fan housing.

This helps to maintain the very light and strong structure which is laid out to be highly resistant to vibrations and resonance.

Precision moulding ensures smooth airflow and support the truly awesome preformance.

Due to the very high possible operating power levels of the motors used in these fans (up to 1.7kW), it is essential that the Main housing will not distort.

WM 400 fan are extremely high performance and designed to withstand the high loads and G Forces of high performance operation. The blades and the hub are tooled as a single piece with special consideration to strengthening the design of the blades. The rotor is tooled in a way to allow special aluminium bush which is precision machined to take the conical shaft adapter. The adaptor relys on two grub screws and isCNC machined to fit the hub directly.

A final adjustment is available with the shaft and motor assembly using an arrangement of 2.5mm grub screws in the shaft adapter as a stop for the axle. For motors that have cooling holes for airflow into the motor then this can be optimised by setting anything up to a 2mm gap between the rotor hub and stator/motor assembly. A strong flow of air is achieved from the front of the fan wheel through to the gap which is situated in the low pressure area of the fan. Motors that are sealed require a gap setting of 0.5mm.

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