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WM400MK2 Ducted Fan
WM400MK2 Ducted Fan

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The Wm 400MK2 fan is totally new and advanced EDF which is designed using full size calculation and flow prediction methods as well as taking account of much lower Re-numbers which derive from the slower velocities and smaller fan blades, in comparison to full size praxis.

Wm 400MK2 is a high quality fan which has proven all the predictions. In contrast to other EDFs it has got inlet guide vanes, which is arranged in fron of the rotor. This layout is inherently more efficient for small ducted fans than the usual found make up with the outlet guide vanes behind the rotor.

The Wm 400MK2 has the following design advantanges:
1. high efficiency of better than 80% (usually 60-65% are the norm on other EDFs)
2. high power absorption capacity at lower rotational velocities
3. high pressure development, which allows to use small air intakes and exit nozzles
4. high tolerance to inlet flow deficiencies and long ducting

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